Team James Serena May 27, 2020

Telos Brands was founded by experts in investing and operations who are passionate about growing eCommerce businesses

My favorite Amazon purchase was a nitro coffee maker and we now have three of them in the office!
James Serena
Co-founder & CEO
My first "business" was at 7 - convincing my little sister to buy my Pokemon cards at a significant markup.
Darien Lee
Co-founder & COO
I've been an Amazon Prime member uninterruptedly since 2009
Federico Marchese
Co-founder & CFO
I joined Amazon Prime for the tv shows, stayed for the 2-day delivery
Shamus Dailey
Head of Value Creation
Originally I was a tech gadget searcher on Amazon, now my priority is the non-technological baby toys...that´s evolution
Jose Ochoa
Head of Global Logistics
It's really fun buying all over the world without leaving home!
Esther Xu
Supply Chain Director
I have an Amazon Echo Dot for each room in my house!
Tyler Vance
M&A Associate
I've been a Prime member for almost a decade and over 60% of my total order history has occurred in the past 2 years.
Ed Buser
M&A Director
One of my last purchases in Amazon was a package of diapers and a toy car for my nephew
Memo Barradas
Sr Manager Logistics
I'm a big fan of buying handcrafting supplies at Amazon, the thing is, I'm no good at handcrafts.
Arely Martínez
Demand Planning
When I was in 6th grade, I setup a meeting with the principal to inquire about setting up a vending machine in the cafeteria.
Rick Baxter
Value Creation Director
My favorite thing to ask Alexa is, are we in the matrix?
Derrick Liang
Growth Marketing Manager
My latest indulgence has been Prime Try Before You Buy. No other retailer has given me payment terms of 100% 8 days after delivery.
Hassaan Sami
Brand Manager
My first Amazon purchase was Photoshop 5.5 in 1999, without asking my parents. I was 12. It is a good thing they let me keep it.
Alex Frank
Value Creation Director
I'm probably the only person in the world who watches more TV shows on Amazon Prime than Netflix
Ross Jacobson
Brand Manager
I love to buy books with Amazon kindle. I have read books using kindles for more than 5 years!
Neil Zong
Senior Purchasing Specialist