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Telos Brands was founded by experts in investing and operations who are passionate about growing eCommerce businesses

James Serena, Co-Founder & CEO

I co-founded Telos Brands in the summer of 2021 after seeing all the pain points Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) sellers experience once they’ve grown their brand beyond a certain scale. Our founding team has a lot of experience running and designing operations for larger companies, and we wanted to take that to the FBA world to bring our partners’ businesses to their full potential. I was previously at Silver Lake as a technology investor, and at Credit Suisse technology investment banking before that.

Darien Lee, Co-Founder & COO

I co-founded Telos with James and Fed in 2021. James and I worked together at Silver Lake, where I was on the operating team driving sales, marketing, and operational improvements for technology companies in the portfolio. Before Telos, I had previously been at Verkada as their first strategic finance hire and at McKinsey as a management consultant.

Federico Marchese, Co-Founder & CFO

I co-founded Telos with James and Darien in 2021. James and I worked together at Credit Suisse, where we worked on advising market-leading technology companies. Before Telos, I worked at TCV and Bridgepoint as a technology investor.

Shamus Dailey, Head of Value Creation

I joined Telos after many years in finance and Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) operations. What drew me to the Telos founders was their conviction around using technology to find and grow the best businesses in the ecommerce space. Currently, I help onboard and formulate growth plans for our new partner companies.