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Taking brands to their full potential

Telos Brands is a technology-first company founded by passionate business and investing experts.  We look to acquire Amazon brands with fantastic products and help unlock their full value through our in-house marketing, operations, and data experts.

Partner with us

The Process

Tell us about your business

Share your business details with us to confirm if we're the right partner for you

Get a valuation

If we are the right partners, we'll give you a valuation for the business in 48-72 hours


After accepting our preliminary offer, we'll spend 2-3 weeks learning everything we need to run your business successfully


Once the deal closes and the Amazon Seller Central account has been migrated over, you'll receive the cash for having built and sold an amazing business.  The amazon migration process typically takes 2-4 weeks

We help top Amazon brands with
marketing scaling supply chain branding expansion
Why Sell to Telos Brands?
We act as a partner during the full sale process and help guide you through this pivotal moment in your company's life
Through our detailed integration and operating playbooks, we look to bring your brand to its full potential.
Process Efficiency
We'll be incredibly efficient with your time and will take you through the full process in two months (with cash in escrow in under 30 days!)