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We acquire and operate high-quality ecommerce businesses that sell
primarily through Amazon

About Us

Telos comes from Ancient Greek, where the philosopher Aristotle used the term to mean “true purpose.” This is the guiding principle for our team here at Telos Brands: we work tirelessly to help our brands realize their full potential.

Telos Brands is a technology-first company founded by passionate business and investing experts. We look to acquire Amazon brands with fantastic products and help unlock their full value through our in-house marketing, operations, and data experts.

What We Look For

Majority of Sales on Amazon

We look for Amazon FBA sales to be at least 75% of your annual sales

Category Leading Products

Category leaders have excellent product reviews and search rankings, and will appear on the first page of search results for their top keywords

Established Brands

We look for brands that have been around for a few years and have a track record of success

Financial Profile

While we are open to other sized deals with the right characteristics, we generally look for brands that have $100k - $500k in annual profits

In The News

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Q&A with the Telos Brands Co-Founders

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